Moore Farms History

Our Mission: Founded over 90 years ago, here at Moore Farms we vow to apply our family farming experience toward growing the finest produce for you, the customer and consumer.

Moore Farms has been an innovator in the San Joaquin Valley farming industry since the start.  We are proud to be one of the first farms to introduce the pistachio crop to the southern valley along with being one of the early almond growers.  Moore Farms is also one of first farms to partner with legendary Grimmway Farms.

We do not necessarily aim to be the biggest farm, instead we are always striving to stay on top of the industry and provide superior customer service.

A Farm Grown on Strong Family Roots

In the early 1920’s John Chessher Moore purchased land in  Arvin, CA.  By establishing roots in the San Joaquin Valley during the Dust Bowl Era, John Chesher Moore laid a foundation for the Moore family farming legacy.  This legacy has spanned over 4 generations:  John Chessher Moore, David Lewis Moore, John Chessher Moore II, and John Chessher Moore III & Julia Marie Green.

In the early 1920’s John started his farming career by growing potatoes, cotton, and forage crops.  As the years continued, each generation would bring a new crop types, varieties, and different ideas to the growing operation.  These additions range from a cattle ranch in Utah and citrus from David, to pistachios and almonds by John Moore II.

In 1965, David Lewis Moore ran the day to day operations on the ranch, but by 1987 he turned the daily operations over to his eldest son, John Chessher Moore II.  David stayed a farmer until the day of his passing in 2001.  Prior to his passing, Dave was allowed a larger voice in agricultural advocacy by becoming the CEO of Western Growers Association.  Though David’s time in the world of Ag was cut short, his effect of agricultural policy was great during his employment at WGA.

We are very proud of all of our ex-employees. We are especially proud to have retained the late Mrs. Margaret Morrison until her passing in 2016. Margaret worked with 4 generations of Moores. She worked for the companies for 60 years. That kind of loyalty is hard to come by and we were extremely fortunate to have her running our office for over half a century.

The current executive officer, since ’87, is John Chessher Moore II who continues to lead the farm with sound and pragmatic business applications.  Two of his three children, John Chessher Moore III and Julia Marie Green, hope to continue the farming legacy for a couple of agricultural companies that we couldn’t be more proud of.

It is our goal to continue the work started nearly 100 years ago with family farming experience, intense involvement in agricultural policy, and a drive to further the greatest industry in the world.

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