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“Smelt-ing” Economic Force in a Dangerous Drought

Feb 2014
If you’ve been watching the news, or live in California then you’ve undoubtedly heard of the great drought we are currently facing.  Multi-generational farmers are referring to this phenomenon as a “150 year drought.”  The crisis we are facing is like nothing we have ever seen.  In other words, it’s the real deal, folks. The […]

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Fun Fact

Dec 2013
Fun Fact: different varieties of potatoes produce different colored flowers. For example, this FL 2215 varietal produces a purplish-blue flower while an Atlantic produces a pinkish-white flower.

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New Logo’s Revealed

Jul 2013
We are proud to reveal the new logos for Moore Farms and White Wold Potato Company! We would like to thank Mike Willis at Willis Designs for capturing the essence of Moore Farms in his art. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!    

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2013 Potato Harvest Is Over

Jul 2013
The 2013 Potato harvest is officially over! It was a record setting year for us and we have all of our great employees to thank. Thank you to our outside growers, shed foreman Mike Franklin, field foreman Jimmy Toy, ranch foreman Ralph Fanucchi, our office staff Julia Moore and Margaret Morrison, our multiple operators, shed […]

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Moore Farms On 23 ABC News

Jun 2013
23 ABC’s Lauren Titus recently wrote a piece on the great spring we have had out here in Kern County. Thank you to those at KERO for showcasing Moore Farms – White Wolf Potato Co. in the story.  

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