Supplying Produce For A Diverse Market

At Moore Farms we pride ourselves on the diversity of our operation and the relationships with the numerous vendors we supply.  Since our first planting the 1920’s we have sought to be an innovator in the San Joaquin Valley, which has helped carve out our diverse crop.

Diversify and Innovate

Our suppliers are as multifarious as the crops we grow and harvest.  As we tirelessly work to be a leader and innovator in the farming industry, we often times bring on new annual and perennial crops to fit our company’s core value of “Diversify and Innovate”.  We strive to have a large diverse collection of crops and clients.  Below is a condensed list of products we offer and a few of the people we have supplied to in the past and some we currently supply.  


  • Frito Lay
  • Piknik
  • Frost Sales


  • Setton Farms
  • Paramount Farming Company


  • Pacific Almonds
  • Billings Marketing


  • Wild Wood Express
  • Sun Sweet
  • Wawona


  • Grimmway Farms
  • Bolthouse Farms
  • Kern Ridge Growers

Sedan Grass and Other Grains:

  • Machado

Contact Us:

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916 S Derby,
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